A list of applications and tools to collect information exported by dionaea.

DTAG Community Honeypot Project

The DTAG Community Honeypot Project has been started in 2010 by a small group of enthusiasts of the Deutsche Telekom. They are maintaining T-Pot a Multi-Honeypot Platform. It is based on well established honeypots including dionaea.


DionaeaFR is a web-frontend to display attack information. It uses the SQLite database provided by the log_sqlite ihandler.

  • Website: DionaeaFR
  • Status: unmaintained since 2014

DIY with log_json

You can use the log_json incident handler in combination with an ELK stack to collect, aggregate and visualize attack information.

Modern Honey Network(mhn)

A tool to deploy honeypots, collect attack information and display aggregated statistics.

  • Website: Modern Honey Network
  • Status: active, but deploys an pre 0.2(2014) version of dionaea by default.